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“I have used this company and found it to be both knowledgeable and dependable. They performed great work for me and I would not hesitate to call them in the future.”
-Steve M.
“Replaced my roof and guttering, did a excellent job. Very professional and knowledge of their work. Would highly recommend them and would use them again if needed.”
-Mai T.
“We wanted to thank Ace Construction for a job well done!! Ace construction is wonderful. Staff and crews are knowledgeable, friendly and professional. We were concerned being our first big home project but Kenny and Josh were able to explain each step of our project and we’re here to oversee it to completion. We could not be more pleased and will be calling Ace again!”
– Denise J.
“Ace Construction of TN replaced our roof and did an exceptional job. Everyone from the project manager to the roofers were very professional and courteous. The roof looks wonderful!”
-Kim W.
“Thanks to Chris and Josh both with Ace Construction of TN. The crew you had on my house was great. They tore off 26 squares, 2 roofs thick and re roofed on a 14/12 pitch in one day. It was a very long day but it was completed in 1 day. They left NO DEBRIS what so ever in my yard. I couldn’t find anything, actually I think when you took off the trash you had some of my debris from the inside remodel going on so thank you for that. I will highly recommend you guys.”
-Brad D.
“Being a first time homeowner I was clueless when it came to getting my roof repaired. Ace Construction walked me through the process from start to finish. Their Project Mgr was professional, kind, and patient with me as he explained the process every step of the way. He helped guide me through the insurance process as well as dealing with the bank. Phone calls from the owners were professional, and the workers who actually did my roof were professional and not bothersome. They did an exceptional job on my roof, and I’d recommend them time and time again!”
-Georgette M.
“Thanks to Josh and crew at Ace for a great job on my roof. Friendly, on time, and they will work with your insurance company to get what you need. I would definitely use them again!!”
-Doug F.
“This is a very professional, reliable company. They are very thorough in their work and are very knowledgeable in what they do. They did work for me and I was VERY satisfied and would highly recommend them to anyone. They recently went out in very inclement weather just to keep their word to do an inspection. I plan to use them again in the future and would advise others to do the same.”
-Steve M.

“Ace Construction of Murfreesboro Tennessee did an awesome job on my roof. I had two companies to come out and look at my roof, both companies took about 4 months apiece and never came back to my home. Ace Construction not only came to my home, they got my entire roof approved when the insurance company previously only approved a small portion of my roof. They are very professional and easy to talk with. They did everything they said they would do including putting a Tarp on my roof to stop any other leaks, prior to getting my roof approved by the insurance company. They did not harass me about the payment but worked with me and the insurance company. They are friendly and reliable.”
-Melvin S.

“ACE Construction is a GREAT company to work with. They were so nice and reliable with the service they provided to my property. If you ever need any work to your property, I would highly recommend this company.”
-Adowa T.

“Just had our roof replaced by Ace Construction, a local company. Awesome job and they do what they say. Hail damage rom early this year. I recommend them!”
-Adam P.

“If by change you have a construction problem, be it roofing, siding, gutters or a construction problem, call Ace Construction. Consider your problem solved. They’re very reliable, professional and courteous. How do I know? They came to my rescue and fixed my roof and some inside of the house problems. They are very trustworthy. I would recommend them to anyone.”
-Julia J.

“I have used Ace construction twice in the past. I have found the company to have very professional and knowledgeable personnel working for them. They were prompt, courteous, and highly skilled in their work for me. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing this type of service.”
-Steve M.

“My experience with Ace Construction had nothing to do with construction or roofing, it had to do with removing a half of a string of christmas lights! We paid someone to hang up the lights, but couldn’t get the guy to come back to remove them. We have a two-story house, maybe he developed a fear of heights. So with the help of a neighbor and his son we were able to remove all the lights except this one corner that made a turn back onto a valley on the roof. So we were left with half a string of lights dangling from the gutter on the front side of our house. My husband is a senior and certainly does not need to try to climb a ladder and crawl onto the roof. My thought was to call a roofing company and ask for help, since they are use to climbing ladders and walking on roofs. I got lucky with my first call which was to Ace Construction. After explaining my situation to the lady who answered the phone she said they would be glad to help us out. It took about 2 weeks before someone came out, but ***** kept in touch with me to let me know that he hadn’t forgotten about us and promised he would get the lights down. He also said he wouldn’t charge us anything to do this, he just didn’t want my husband to possibly fall off the roof. A very nice young man showed up this cold and windy morning (2/5/15) and removed our lights, got the extension cords off the roof and rolled them up and put them on the deck. I am extremely happy with this company and the way everything was handled. I still can’t believe that I was able to find a business that would do this for me much less not make me feel like an idiot for asking for help with christmas lights! Thanks again for your help. I’ll certainly call you when I need other work done around the house.”
-Melody M.

“Replaced roof, repaired damaged gutters, repainted house trim and deck. Returned to repair leak caused by ice dam. All the work was completed on schedule, the workers were skilled, polite, and helpful. At the end of the project, there was no debris left on the property.”
-Angie’s List Review
“Removed and replaced roof shingles, felt, ridge caps, flashing, & furnace vents, rain caps and storm collars. Pitch of the roof is 12/12 and 12/14 in some areas. Replaced shingles with 30-40 year composite shingles. All debris was collected and hauled away. The work was to remove and replace the existing roof entirely with 30-40 year composite shingles–approximately 42 squares with commensurate amount of felt, ridge caps, flashing, vents, etc. Ace works with several crews and the first crew that arrived to begin to do the work decided not to do the work because the pitch was too steep. ACE provided a different crew to begin removing the old shingles that afternoon (Saturday). While this situation did not make us feel comfortable with what was happening, the response from ACE management assured us that all would proceed properly and correctly. Josh even stopped by later in the day to assure that all had begun and once again outlined what had happened and remedies provided. He frequented the site several more times during the week to review and inspect. This crew did a good job. They worked each day from 8:00 a.m. to dark (6:30 – 7:00 pm) each day until finished on 10/22. Overall it took 4-1/2 days which was a little longer that originally planned. The crew was very systematic in handling the shingles up the steep areas of the roof and seemed to work well in a coordinated manner. They were quick to ask if they had a question and were always willing to provide a good response to my questions. There was some gutter damage from removing the old shingles and when one package of shingles fell off the portable escalator. However, after the job was completed Josh sent another crew to completely replace the damaged gutters at no charge. ACE has also agreed to come back as needed to use a heat element on any areas that may not have sealed completely. Some parts of the roof do not receive a lot of sunshine that normally is needed to make a complete seal. There is no charge for this as ACE provides a full 5-year warranty on all workmanship.”
-Angie’s List Review

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